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Dianabol Or Trenbolone,Bolt 200m,Equipoise Bloat

is travel guide

Take a bus from the Salvador, Bahia bus station. It is across the highway from the Iguatemi shopping center. The ride is in a comfortable bus overnight. It takes around 6 hours so you arrive early in the morning. Real Expresso used to operate all of the buses on this route, now operated by a sister company, Rpido Federal. There are usually a couple of different times per day, but the night one is most popular. To get out of town to see the sights in the Chapada Diamantina, book a tour and they Billig Generisk Cialis provide transportation and guide. There are some waterfalls, swimming holes and natural slides on the outskirts of Lencois all at a walking distance.

Other than that the main attraction of Lencois the town serves as a good base for trekking trips into Chapada Diamantina National Park. There are day trips as well as longer treks of up to 5 days. The trips can be organized with a tour agency which takes care of everything including transport, guide food etc., but you can also buy a map of the park and venture out on your own. The tour agencies charge upwards of R$120 per day.

It is a wonderful experience being in that wilderness and if possible dont try to skimp on it even though it can be a bit expensive. The experience is every penny worth it.

The roads outside Lenis are full "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" of pot holes. Be prepared for a bumpy ride when you leave the town to go on tours.

You can rent a car for R$100 for 12 hours (200km limit) or R$150 for 24 hours (no km limit). This is a cheaper alternative for seeing some of the nearby attractions without booking through a tour agency.

Tours There are tour agencies all over Lenis. You can book tours at the tour agencies themselves or through Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop your hotel/hostel. They can take you by car to many of the locations listed in the "see" section. Short hikes are involved in actually getting to the sites. Many agencies will rent you a car for a much lower price than the car tours, but they won't necessarily advertise that since they Buy Cialis Switzerland can make more money on the day tours. If you prefer to drive to the sites yourself, be proactive and ask. Cirtur [2] is one popular agency that offers good, if jam packed (up to 4 sites in one day!) day trips by car.

Rock Climbing You can get a guide to take you rock climbing through the tour agencies. They provide all the equipment and a personal english speaking guide. One popular agency to go climbing with is Fora da Trilha[3].

Hiking There are many trails and places you can go on your own or you can go with a group tour. If you go on your own, ask at your hotel/hostel where you should go.

Camping Some hostels, like Pousada dos Duendes will arrange group camping trips. You can go on several day hikes and the guides will provide all the food and camping gear. If you have the time, it could be a lot of fun. Most agencies will offer a camping option on the multiday hiking treks, if you so choose (you can also choose to stay within the Chapada Diamantina National Park with a local family). He speaks fluent English and French and is a superb chef who will whip up a four course meal with dishes like homemade pesto pasta and pork with homemade pineapple chutney even while on a long trek.

Rappelling Book through a tour agency. Make sure you check where they are going and how far the descent is.

Bodega Run by the friendly english speaking owner Luanda, it's a nice choice for contemporary food.

Natora at the main place near Banco do Brasil. The bestest pizza!A five minute walk from the rodoviaria, across the river from the Praca. Ask where it is, but she usually comes to the bus stop to meet travelers, so if you ask there someone can point you in her direction. This pousada is run by a wonderful woman, Dona Maria Lurdinha, her husband Morato and her very friendly sister Meide with a wonderful loud laugh, and they all will make you feel at home. Some internet pages speak about the good breakfast, (some regional food, and daily "Anabolika Definition" fresh juice) but it suits more brazilians who like more sweet stuff, cakes and fried food. Many other places in Brazil have a better and healthier breakfast. Rooms are basic, very simple, with a balcony but no windows, though the price is cheap. Maria Lurdinha works with a local guide, LIO Tours, who is great and knows everything about Lencois and the Chapada Diamantina. But the problem is he does not speak anything but portugues (though he is learning English) and neither does anybody in the charming family running the Equipoise Bloat pousada. Lio Tours can be cheaper than other travel agencies. One thing: be prepare for Maria Lurdinha speakinging very loud with other people or on the phone quiet often from the morning until evning, so not so easy to have a quiet time sometimes. But she is very charming and friendly. Sometimes is not so easy to use the kitchen to make your own food Dianabol Or Trenbolone because the kitchen is used by Maria Lurdinha making food for Bolt 200m the next breakfast.

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